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#BLM started in 2013 but soon gained popularity during the 2020 pandemic after the shooting of George Floyd. Regardless of opinions there can be no denying that the protests were felt worldwide and a huge shift in public opinion began.

As someone who cares deeply about equality, I was in a situation where I was was lucky enough to raise funds for various organisations and 100% of profits from these pins has been donated. I also used my social platform to share information about the movement and urge others to educate and ally themselves. 

If you are in a situation to donate or want to know more information please check out the following sites.



I still have some of these pins leftover and available to purchase and have included some of the donation screenshots below. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and hope you feel as strongly about change as I do.

Dark xox

JUNE 2020
JUNE 2020
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